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AIO sneaker bot for the US and Canada!

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Use Aurora to purchase sneakers and more on Windows or MacOS!


Aurora AIO supports Task, Profile, and Proxy groups to organize and optimize your setup for any drop!


Visualize your success and view your recent orders


Optimized to run 1000s of tasks


Checkout within seconds across various sites!


Contact us via email, Twitter, or our Discord server where you can communicate with other members and our staff


Away from your computer?
Send notifications directly to your Discord channel

about aurora

Aurora AIO is an All In One collectibles and sneaker bot, supporting an expansive site list across multiple regions including Footsites, Supreme, Walmart, BestBuy, NewBalance, and many more! Aurora AIO gives users the advantage of copping the latest items. The sleek, yet efficient, user interface allows users to easily manage thousands of tasks while maintaining top performance. Whether you want to cop sneakers, cards, streetwear, or gaming consoles, Aurora has you covered!

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How much does Aurora AIO cost?

Current pricing is $350 and includes 1 month of updates and access. Upon the end of the term, you must renew for $50 monthly.

Pricing and term length of Aurora is subject to change. Pricing may change for standard retail or renewal. Keys will be terminated within 7 days of expiration if the user fails to renew.

When will Aurora restock?

We currently have no restocks planned. Stay tuned to our Twitter to be notified.

Do you offer group buys?

Currently, we do not offer group buys.

What stores does Aurora support?

As an AIO collectibles and sneaker bot, we support various retailers. These include:

To be updated!

This is subject to change. Sites can be added or removed and the website may not reflect these changes in real time.

Is there a Discord/Slack? How do I access it?

We have a Discord server for customers. Upon successful purchase, you will obtain a link to gain access to our server.

How can I get help?

Customers can access help through multiple channels including: Discord, email (, and our Twitter.